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Mkombozi Centre for Street Children

Mkombozi publications

HOT off the press: Research Report: A knowledge, attitude & practice study in Kilimanjaro & Arusha Regions

This baseline study provides a realistic picture of the knowledge children have of their rights and their feelings of protection in their communities in Mkombozi's geographic target areas...

SPOT light: Annual Report 2011

2011 was a year of significant progress for Mkombozi. Learn about Mkombozi's activities and achievements in 2011 in the areas of Protection, Education, Empowerment, Engagement, Learning and Innovation...

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Photo of child
Research shows... 30% of children in Tanzania are currently at risk of migrating to the streets due to familial stress incurred by non- income forms of povertyWhy do children drop out of school in Kilimanjaro Region? Read the report... Why do children migrate to the streets of Tanzania? Read the report Learn more about  children living on the street 2008 STARS Award Winner...